Enterprise Resource Planning
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Just imagine ... Have your products setup in dimensions instead of Item Numbers. Have Recipes for your products to produce, and leave the packaging materials out. Enter this website, and downsize your Item and Recipe files to the max. That is, minimize them from 50,000 to let's say 1,000. Minimize your maintenance, and profit to the max !

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Heart-Profit has been implemented in all imaginable lines of business, while each line of business has been worked out completely, to the max. How ? Imagine ... You, the customer may be in need for some additions to the package. We say, we honor it all, but not by means of the usual custom work; instead, we normalize all to fit into the package, never forgetting your needs. When finished, immediately the new functionalities are being contained right in the package itself. Without doubt, this leads to more than you asked for, because all really must suit the package. In the end you benefit even more by receiving the "custom work" from all of the other Heart-Profit customers.

For over 19 years now, Heart-Profit expands by means of you, the customer; over 7,500 functional objects provide all of your real world. It is not our personal vision what the package shows, and instead it's full of reality. Think of it ....

Don't get overwhelmed by the well over 2,000 pages in here, and anticipate on more to come.

Please note that this is not Afas Profit.

Dimensions within ERP were founded 1989 by Heart Informatisering B.V., the Netherlands. Copying our features and consistent procedures is subject to world wide authoring laws.