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The new 5.0 system version of Heart-Profit comes with a full featured MS SQL/Server2000 DBMS, or comes with a license-free database.

Never before ERP was so generic

Heart-Profit is about components, each of the over 7,000 being self-contained. The functionality as a whole emerges by the sequence of their calling;

Each component can be used at any place within your logistics; never mind doing the things upside-down because your ERP will be able to cope with it. All is about the ever-existing possibility to extend all; Heart-Profit fits to your business, and won't urge for the other way around.

The Company-Parameters do not determine the line of business implied, but rather the definition of each other Item does. Therefore Heart-Profit is unique in having several lines of businesses mixed within the one implementation. Even discrete and process mix very well within the one implementation, like for example extrusion needs.
All allows for the number of Company-Parameters being relatively small (some 600), the most of them available to setup screens and set defaults to your needs.

The design of Heart-Profit is very formal, and once a phenomenon has been defined, all further design is derived from that.

Never before ERP allowed such a fast implementation

The generics of Heart-Profit allows for a real logical implementation, leaving you with no decisions at all on best of worse. And really, when it appears that not all comes to your 100 % logics, we rather adjust the software than let you struggle with it. Our strategy : pleasy call us only for cozy talks instead of complaining. That's what we go for, and really, that's what you like the best too.

A typical process implementation needs around 20 consultancy days only, or 30 days for a discrete environment; Within that time all parameter settings will have been applied, and you will have learned what all is about.
All together this comes to a throughput time of about six months from start.

Though SQL reporting is available (Crystal Reports etc.), it is our vision that you shouldn't need it; instead of presenting you empty reports, Heart-Profit provides all what is needed, and besides the thousands of reports, Profit-Statistics will leave you with that many reports (over 400,000) that you won't be able to run them all for life.

Never before Collection software was part of an ERP system
Profit-Collection operates in a fully proven environment. That is, for 18 years now. Not only this is the world's only dedicated Collection software package, it's also right in the middle of a 90 module ERP system with its intrinsic advantages. Obviously an ERP system should support well over 100,000 daily transactions, so does the Collection module.

In short the advantages : Sophisticated invoicing subsystem with many invoicing scenarios. Complete real time integrated CRM system. The most sophisticated Statistics imagineable. Integrated time registration. Complaint registration as possible backbone for Workflow. 100% compatible with foreign operations, including full support of EC VAT procedures, as well as any VAT foreign - or US Sales Tax scenario.

Support of formal service orders, including automatic invoicing. Possibility for operating the system in any desired language. Liquidity planning (act as a bank !).

Implicit EDI facilities, dedicated interfaces as well as on-line Web processing (Profit-Webshop for entering Claims by means of the Internet).

Seamless integration with Microsoft products and tools, full support for HTML by means of a DHTML text editor and full support for remote operation by means of Windows Terminal Server. A team of consultants knowing about organisations, process flows and implementation.
A huge base of conversion tools and approaches and extensive experience with huge databases.

No hussle with separate and expensive imaging systems and away with the explicit connecting to the dossiers (but have separate storage for your images anyway).

Want more of this : go to Profit-Collection.

Heart-Profit is all you never saw before ...